QMB was selected as the Winner of the 2013 Core77 Design Award in the DIY category. The QMB is a four seat micro bar that can be used for a variety of social seating scenarios, including dining, enjoying beverages or as a work surface while standing or sitting. QMB blends the bar/chair functions into a single unified component.



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What's New

QMB is all about Options, giving you the choice of how, when and where to sit. For social seating, QMB is flexible, open up as many seats as you need, see a friend, add a seat. Want to stand and work, with a 30" diameter bar height table there is plenty of room plus on demand seating options.

Meet friends face to face and enjoy social seating anywhere.

Work standing up at a 30" diameter bar height table, need to sit fold out a seat to make the perfect personal work station.

Meeting friends? Set up as many seats as needed and share ideas, drinks and good times.

Seating on demand lets you pull out a seat to make an instant seating group that is just the right size for any occasion.

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